Bob Sill, Certified Public Accountant
Bob Sill, Certified Public Accountant

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Tax Services

I provide almost all available tax services pertaining to the service areas of my firm. I subscribe to a multitude of online and paper reference materials and have utilized the highest rated tax preparation software available. The combination of my training, experience, reference tools, and tax software provide my clients with the best available service in areas including:

• tax preparation of all federal, state and local tax returns

• Individual taxes

• partnership taxes

• corporate taxes

Accounting Services

Write-up services provide basic accounting information necessary to prepare income and payroll tax returns, manage operations and maintain credit. These services contribute significantly to business management when received in a timely manner. Write-up services include:

• Recording cash receipts and disbursements, accruals, and adjustments to produce a general ledger or trial balance

• Preparing financial statements from general ledger or trial balance information

• Calculating depreciation and maintaining fixed asset registers

• Calculating payroll tax deposits

• Preparing payroll tax returns

• Summarizing data required for tax returns


A compilation of financial statements is defined in SSARS No. 1, AR 100.04, as follows:

Compilation of Financial Statements: Presenting in the form of financial statements information that is the representation of management (owners) without undertaking to express any assurance on the statements.

When Robert K. Sill, CPA, compiles financial statements, I will gain a general understanding of the nature of the entity’s business transactions, the form of its accounting records, the stated qualifications of its accounting personnel, the accounting basis on which the financial statements are to be presented, and the form and content of the financial statements. On the basis of that understanding, I will then consider whether it will be necessary to perform other accounting services, such as assistance in adjusting the books or consultation on accounting matters. 


A review consists of applying analytical procedures and making inquiries of persons responsible for financial, accounting, and operational matters. A review does not typically include tests of the underlying accounting records and it is significantly less complex than an audit engagement. The objective of a review is to provide assurance that I was not presented with information that would cause me to believe that the financial statements presented were not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Forensic Accounting

As a forensic accountant, I examine prior accounting transactions. I can be of assistance by using investigative skills in analyzing financial records for situations such as:

• Suspicion of fraud

• Employee theft

• Securities fraud

• Insurance fraud

• Kickbacks

Findings are usually communicated in the form of reports which will be summarized in a manner that is both understandable and properly supported. I will look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation.


GA Society of CPAs

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Bob Sill, CPA